A Custom Mobile App For Your Business

To increase customer loyalty and revenue, you need to provide a custom mobile application for your business or organization.  Your repeat customers and members expect to interact with you on their mobile devices using a native app downloaded from trusted sources such as Apple, Google and Amazon.  Let us help you deploy your mobile app within a few weeks.

Your mobile App is downloaded and installed on your customer’s mobile device rather than being viewed in a mobile web browser.  Mobile apps are native applications that utilize all phone features such as dialing, GPS location and push notifications.  Some features and content can be used without an Internet connection.

Your Brand, Look and FeelConsignment Seller Example

Your custom mobile App powered by Recify will have your logo, brand, icons, color scheme and look and feel that matches your website.

Customized With Your Selected Features

You mobile App will be customized to include just the recify features you need.  These might include product sales, rentals, events, classes, donations or other [link]Recify features.

Quick Development

You can build your own mobile app using Recify’s cloud services API or we can quickly build your custom app using our ready-to-go app templates for Apple and Android phones and tablets.  We are also expects at getting our App quickly approved by the App stores.

Affordable Pricing for a Custom App

Recify provides your customized mobile app at a fraction of the price you’ve been quoted by others.  Custom mobile Apps are typically quoted in the $20K-$100K range.  Our custom apps are more affordable because we already have the cloud servers and mobile templates used to quickly build and deploy your App.  If our [link] feature modules meet your needs, you can’t beat Recify’s price.

Powered by Recify Cloud

Your custom branded mobile app is powered by Recify’s cloud services to provide the features you select, such as: product sales, rentals, events, classes, online education, donations, etc.