Manage Every Detail

You're not just customer-facing, back office tools are core to your success! 

When you plug Recify Web Apps into your website, they don't stand alone.  The're backed by back-end office tools so you can centrally customize, analyze, track, manage, and define policies. 

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

At the core of the Recify business software engine is the fully integrated cloud-based customer resource management (CRM) database. With the Recify CRM system you connect all the front-end, customer-facing website applications with the back end office tools. No more separate logins, no more separate customer databases spread across multiple software packages. Recify gives you one place for all your CRM needs. You can assign multiple roles and privileges to your customers, employees, instructors, students, dealers, and distributors, access your customer information, and analyze your customers' buying trends/purchasing habits while using the data to forecast for the future. 

  • CRM Portal -- Store, manipulate and leverage customer information – personal, student, medical, legal, etc.
  • Assign Privileges -- Assign and manage web privileges for customers, vendors, affiliates, sales people, dealers, instructors and staff.
  • Social Network Integration -- Insure your customers stay within your network.
  • Email Integration -- Stay connected to your customers through newsletter campaigns and email blasts.
  • Manage Members -- Free or paid memberships, communicate with your customers.
  • Manage Students -- Students enroll in online classes, complete required paperwork, receive certification, print digital certification cards, and much more.
  • Manage Instructors -- Certify instructors and manage their students' progress.
  • Manage Forms -- Create and store forms for all aspects of your business, print and/or email as needed.

Point of Sale (PoS)

An important business tool is the Recify in-store Point of Sale system. The point of sale module is fully integtrated into the E-Commerce system, so the walk in customer, or phone customer, can purchase using almost all the features of the E-Commerce module. 

The point of sale module allows your sales staff to enter customers in the CRM, book them in events, rent them equipment, sell them products, even have them fill out  the required paper work and/or take the digital coursework there and then. All simply through a browser. That means you can use just about any piece of hardware that has an internet connection and browser as you “Register” to checkout you customers. 

  • Simple to use.
  • Sell products, events, or online courses.
  • Walk in or phone orders.
  • Choose shipping method or in-store pickup.
  • Manages inventory for products and seats for events.
  • Enter an existing user, add a user, or make a "cash" sale.

Regionalization and Geo-Tracking

Recify's geo-tracking presents your customers with product choices prioritized for their location; for example, events near them.   Businesses with multiple locations or distribution networks can define multiple regions and branches so that customers are directed to the proper retailer, dealer or salesperson.  Payments are split within your channel according to your defined policy.

Multiple Languages and Customized Text

Recify supports multiple languages for all products, events, classes and services.  Regardless of language, you can customize links, labels and text blocks to your liking. 

Multiple Currencies

You can present prices and accept payment in multiple currencies or require a single currency.  If you choose to accept multiple currencies, Recify makes it easy.   Currency exchange rates are continuously updated.   For example, if you want to be paid in US Dollars, and your customer wants to view and pay in Euros, the customer will see the converted price in near real time and you will be paid in US Dollars with minimal exchange rate risk.

Instant Revenue Splits

When a customer buys or donates, revenue is automatically split and instantly transferred to various parties you define in your split policy.   All revenue received online or at point of sale can be instantly be distributed within the most complex distribution channel.  Instant revenue splits might include your business, manufacturers with consigned inventory, vendors, sales people, affiliates businesses or non-profit partners.  Pay your sales commissions at the time of transaction, or pay instructors the moment their students sign up for a class.


Reports provide flexible ways for you to view or download information from all Recify modules.  Information about your customers, your forms, sales, bookings, etc.  You can customize reports with your own fields and filter results to your liking.

Surveys and Quizzes

You can create custom survey forms and place on your website or email to customers.  Survey forms can also be attached to online content delivery such as an online class in the form of a quiz.   Reports are used to view survey and quiz results. 

Customized eMail Campaigns

Recify's mailer gives you the ability to create newsletters and marketing campaigns and email them to your customer database.  Email content can be built from scratch or from a template.  Emails can be scheduled to be sent on a schedule, and are tracked with analytics to understand their effectiveness. Your current email lists can easily be uploaded into Recify.

Deals, Coupon Codes

You can instantly offer any product, service, event, class, digital course, or rental as a time limited discount deal.   Choose when to start, how long to run the deal and the discount percentage.   Online coupon codes can also be offered and redeemed. 

Social Media

Recify gives you the ability to link your products, events, rentals, classes, etc. to your social media accounts.   Cross-promote products between your website and social media sites.  Centrally manage your social media presence.

Form Builder

This flexible and powerful form builder is used to add custom forms to your products, events, classes, rentals, or anywhere else on your website.   Collect additional custom information such as T-shirt size for a n event signup, rental liability waiver and class prerequisite information.  Form builder gives you the flexibility to create forms that include text fields, check boxes, radio buttons, and more.

Customer Reviews

Reviews are a key feature in any customer-facing website. Consumers often go to reviews first when looking for a product, event, or service. In Recify reviews, your customers submit reviews and you can decide how to handle them. You can set reviews to 'post all' or 'post after admin confirmation.' You can also set up review administration as a role in your company, giving specific employees permission to administrate reviews.

SEO Optimization

For each event, course, product and rental listing, you can add search engine optimization (SEO) titles and keywords.  We've published a simple guide to SEO, available by clicking here.

Website Analytics

Integrated website analytics provide a dashboard and reports to understand how your customers are using Recify-provided features.

Quick Start

There are several ways to quickly start selling on your website using Recify. 

  1. Plug into your existing website.
  2. Use Recify cloud hosting for your entire website.
  3. Free listings of your products, events, classes, rentals on the Recify marketplace.

Whether plugged into your existing website or hosted by Recify, you have full control of your site’s brand, look and feel.   We offer web design and customization services, or you can do it yourself.