VIZ-2 35W Primary LED Lighthead with E/O cord and hard Goodman Handle

Brand: UTD Scuba Diving

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Dimensions: W:1.00 H:1.00 L:1.00

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UTD VIZ-2 35 LED Lighthead 1 x 10w LED (5000 lux*) with E/O Cord Adapter Cap - Standard Aluminum Goodman Handle

Features and Benefits

  • Small size ensures easy in-water use especially when mounted on divers hand in goodman
  • Light weight, compact and indestructible, great for expeditions, diving adventures and travel
  • Comes Mounted on a hard goodman handle with boltsnap
    - Will also fit the UTD Deluxe Soft Goodman Handle - Optional Purchase
  • No switch that penetrates the body
  • 12v / 0.8 amp draw. This allows for the use of an external 12v battery canister by attaching the E/O Adapter Cap in place of the battery housing.
  • Can be easily be used as video light during dive by simply screwing on the video light diffusor. Switch between primary and video light easily
  • Easy mount kit available for mounting to helmets, scooter/dpv's, ROV's and so on
  • LED Bulb lifespan is 50 000+ hours - essentially unlimited
  • Can be used on the surface and/or underwater to 600'/180m - Heat is not an issue out of the water
  • 12 hours of burn-time on the UTD Power Z 10.4 amp battery canister.
  • Heads comes with an E/O Adapter Cap with a 18"/45cm E/O wet plug-able cord (pigtail), for easy attaching to external battery.

VIZ-2 35W LED Light Head Specifications with E/O Adapter Cap

  • 1 x 10 Watt LED - 5000 lux*, 8 Degree beam angle
  • Aluminum Body
  • Triple o-ring sealed
  • Body dia. 2.2'(7cm), 2.5'(6cm)
  • 600'/180m depth rated

* LUX is measured at the center of the beam 10'/3m from the source

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